Staff Spotlight: Chris Rochester

by Jed Blackwell
Staff Spotlight: Chris Rochester

One of our core values is treating employees like family. As a part of that we want to introduce you to the Harrison's family of employees.

Each Wednesday, we'll profile a member of our team in this space. When you visit our stores, we want you to see a friendly, familiar face.

Name: Chris Rochester

Position: Boot Manager in the Mauldin store

How long have you worked at Harrison's?

"Eight years in total. Three years when I graduated high school, five years currently."

What's your favorite thing about the job?

"I love growing the boot department. Having worked in various fields and different lines of work, a lot of times I felt like I had to settle for whatever boots I could find. Here, I can help bring a better selection to our customers so they don't have to 'settle'."

What's something we do that you take pride in?

"I love the fact that we support our military by offering a military discount."

What do you like most about working with our customers?

"I can relate to them. Having worked in the construction field, working on ranches, competing in rodeos and bull riding, and having worked some in manufacturing facilities, I can find common ground with most customers who visit our stores. This helps tremendously with sales, and with giving feedback due to personal experiences with the items we sell."

What's your favorite item in the store and why?

"It would honestly be a tie between two things. One, the Danner Powderhorn, because the boot is super light, comfortable, gives great ankle support when hiking in the mountains, and fits my flat, narrow foot very well. It's my go-to every-day boot that I wear to work. The other is our Corral Exotic line. I love the craftsmanship of them. They are legit, handmade boots that look great, and they're one of the few styles of re-craftable boots we sell in the stores. They're also very price-competitive at a very high quality. You won't find that in any other exotic line.

by Jed Blackwell

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