Harrison's Hardworking Heroes: Joseph Hileman

Each week, we want to introduce you to a Harrison's Hardworking Hero. These folks come from all walks of life, and could be anyone. We might feature the people who keep you safe, the people who keep things running, the people with the coolest jobs we've heard of, or just the people who shop in our stores. We might even feature you. We're always taking nominations, and you can get in touch with us by emailing jed@harrisonsworkwear.com. We only ask that you be willing to answer a few questions, and we'll reward you with a gift card.

Today's Hardworking Hero is Joseph Hileman, who LITERALLY has one of the "coolest" jobs we know of.

Name: Joseph Hileman

Job: HVAC technician with Waldrop Plumbing-Heating-Air

How long have you been in your job?: 10 years

What's the last thing you bought at Harrison's?: Boots and a belt

Why do you enjoy shopping with us?: "You have everything that I want and need, plus more. It's a great place to shop."

What do we offer that is the most helpful in your job?: "Safety shoes. I really like the Wolverines, and you carry a lot of them."

What are you going to do with your gift card?: "I'm going to bring my wife in to shop."