Our Story

 "There aren't a lot of stores like Harrison's."

It's something one of our team members said in a planning meeting and the sentiment is often echoed by our customers and brand partners. We like being a 'lil bit different and a whole lot special. 

Harrison's is a true family business, with the founders, their son and a few grandchildren now involved. Danny and Emily Harrison opened a small workwear shop in the Upstate of South Carolina in 1998. On the first day of business, they sold a grand total of one t-shirt! But they stayed the course and day by  day provided the customer service that has become Harrison’s trademark.

Where the big box stores might only have small sections of work boots and clothes, Harrison's was an entire store dedicated to blue-collar, industrial, and skilled workers. One store became two. A few brands became many. Soon, Harrison's was known as THE place for workwear; they even had a catchy slogan – “Harrison's Workwear - works wherever you go.”

But it was always more than just selling work boots and bibs. It was carrying an extensive line of tactical and public safety items for multiple law enforcement agencies. It was shoe-mobiles traveling to a plant or job site to make it easier for workers to find comfortable and safe footwear. It was working with brand partners who care just as much as we do about getting things right for our customers. 

Fast forward about 25 years, now Harrison's has grown beyond Upstate South Carolina; beyond being run by just the two founders; and well beyond just workwear. Harrison’s has expanded with 3 locations in North Carolina and we’re still growing. Danny and Emily's son, Kevin, returned to the company after several years working in ministry at a Spartanburg church. The founders built a strong legacy with hard work and a focus on true customer service, but are delighted to see not only their son, but even a few grandchildren taking the Harrison’s brand to new heights. 

In recent years we’ve become hyper-focused on our western side. And no, not just because of Yellowstone; although we certainly love those fans. The reasoning isn’t much different than why we focused on workwear; the western wear customer was underserved in our area. Most stores offer a few cowboy boots, often more fashion than function. Rodeo is so strong in the Carolinas, yet contestants often have to travel far away or order boots and clothing online. We’re working to change that. Partnering with brands like Ariat, Cinch, and Wrangler has allowed us to offer more variety and we’re continuing to add to our western collection. Many of our team members are current or former rodeo competitors. Many are “horse people” and would ride to work if they could. We talk the talk and walk the walk.

Although “Work Hard” is among our Core Values, life’s not all about work. And here in the Carolinas, we have plenty of opportunities to play just as hard as we work! Fishing, hunting, hiking, four-wheeling, golfing, - heck, even just front porch gabbin’ – we’ve got lots of ways to relax and play around here. So Harrison’s has added great lifestyle brands like Southern Fried Cotton, Bohemian Cowgirl, Kanga Coolers, and Bogg Bag to help round out our work, western, and wow philosophy.

As our western and casual brand selections continue to grow, we've never lost our workwear roots. We're the Southeast's largest Carhartt and Ariat dealer and have more in stock work boots than anyone in the area. Our work boot brands include Timberland, Thorogood, Georgia Boot, Danner, Carhartt, Ariat, and Rocky. We're proud to outfit crews of line workers, fleets of drivers, and departments of police, EMS, and firefighters. Basically, the hardworking folks who keep things running, keep things coming, and keep us all safe. 

We offer the best brands at the best prices - guaranteed. If you find it advertised lower, we’ll match it.  But we’re more than great selection and low prices. Our people are our difference and they offer “wow!” worthy customer service day in and day out. That’s the real reason Harrison’s is the home of work, western, and wow.

There aren't a lot of stores like Harrison's. Now you know why.


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