Farmer's Day: Come Get Everything You Need For The City Rivalry

Let’s talk Farmer’s Day. 

Cavalier Pride runs deep in the Harrison’s family. Our founder, Danny, was the first Shrine Bowl player selected from Dorman, in the school’s third year of existence. Vice President Kevin played basketball for the Cavaliers, and now serves on the District 6 school board. His daughter Coco is now in her first year as a Dorman varsity athlete, running cross country as a 7th-grader. 

So yeah, there’s quite a bit of Columbia and Navy coursing through the veins. That’s never more obvious than this week: The City Rivalry. 

Now, we sure love our friends from across town in District 7, but those relationships might be put on hold for a couple days. It’s always a great time and a good-natured rivalry, but years like this one, with a chance at a region football championship at stake, take on a little bit more meaning. 

Fortunately, we’ve got everything you need to show your Dorman pride on Farmer’s Day. Boots for Friday morning mudding? Check. Overalls for the full Farmer’s Day experience? Yep. A cowboy hat to complete the look? Got those, too. 

And in the spirit of fairness and good sportsmanship, we’ve got a bunch of Southern Marsh and great-looking button-downs that would be right at home if you need to dress preppy due to your cheering interest in the rivalry. We’ll just choose not to talk about it. 

Whichever side of the City Rivalry you fall on, we hope you’ll have a great time, cheer your heart out, and come see us to get you ready for the big game. Enjoy the best high school rivalry in the state. 

And one more thing: GO CAVS!