Monday Nights Give A Glimpse Into Core Values

A couple weeks ago, I asked our founder, Danny Harrison, if we could talk about his longstanding date night with his wife, Emily for a blog about Valentine's Day.

Turns out it's not much of a story when it comes to words.

"It's pretty simple," he said. "We go to The Peddler every Monday. They have a table waiting for us, and we show up. That's about all there is to it."

He's right, that's a pretty simple explanation. But there's a lot more there, that IS quite a story. There's the dedication and commitment to make time for that dinner. There's the consistency to follow through EVERY WEEK, in the face of a busy schedule and a hectic world, let alone running a business. There's the fact that no matter how busy the stores are, or how much there is to do (and there's ALWAYS something), that Monday nights are carved out to spend time with each other.

And really, those values that are on quiet display every Monday night are what have filtered through the business from the top down. Dedication. Commitment. Consistency. Care for each other. 

That's what Monday night for the Harrisons are about. That's what we try to model every day.

Happy Valentine's Day. Take the time to show someone you care about them today.