Ariat Rebar: Engineered to be your favorite

A lot of products inspire brand loyalty bordering on fanatic. Nothing is a better example of that than the Rebar line of Ariat workwear. Season after season, people return to Rebar products. They’re stiff, not bulky. They’re extremely tough. They’re light, sturdy, and engineered for just the right fit. And, from boots to denim to shirts to FR clothing, they’re both functional and stylish. Just ask the company’s founder, Beth Cross. They’re among her favorites, because they’re close to her heart. 

“My favorite jeans – it's a funny thing,” she said. “Our family wears the product all the time. I have one son who has a very quiet design aesthetic. He doesn’t want anything too fancy, just really simple. He wears our product every day to work, and he works in a battery company. They make batteries for electric cars. He loves the Rebar Denim. I get it, why he loves it so much. It fits really good, and he just loves everything about it. I’ve come to appreciate that particular jean because I get to see it all the time on him. That’s probably my favorite denim style.” 

At Harrison’s, we have more in-stock Ariat denim than anyone in the area, from Rebar to fashion and western styles. We invite you to come out and see if they’re your favorite, too.