Keri Harvey Named SCSO Impact Deputy

The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office is recognizing members of their Uniform Patrol division in a brand-new way.

Each quarter, an Impact Deputy will be honored from nominations submitted by each Platoon. The Impact Deputy will be someone who has impacted his or her tract, region, Platoon, the Sheriff’s Office, and/or the community in a positive manner.

SpartansFIRST SC, a non-profit that supports law enforcement and first responders, will recognize each Impact Deputy with a donation. Harrison’s is thrilled to partner with SpartansFIRST SC and the Sheriff’s Office, and will provide each Impact Deputy with a gift certificate.

Keri Bennefield Harvey is no stranger to going above and beyond the call of duty.

DFC Harvey patrols the extreme South side of Spartanburg County, having been with the SCSO since 2018. She also serves as a Field Training Officer.

She does much more than that, according to Sgt. Chris Morrow, who wrote a letter in support of Harvey’s nomination as Impact Deputy.

“DFC Harvey continuously goes above and beyond for the citizens she responds to on a daily basis,” he wrote. “She continually strives to better her knowledge and engages with her peers and supervisors to maintain the highest standard she can.”

That was evident in the matter that earned Harvey her nomination.

“The particular incident that we had was a stalking victim,” Harvey explained. “Basically, the lady had not wanted to speak to law enforcement in the past due to being concerned that maybe she wouldn’t be believed or that maybe she wouldn’t be safe if she were to stand up against the offender. I spent numerous hours and days speaking her and convincing her that we were going to take care of her.”

The offender was arrested, and immediately re-offended. Harvey maintained contact with the victim to build another case, made sure that a formal bond hearing was held, resulting in a higher bond as well as home detention for the offender. She continues to maintain contact with the victim.

It’s not just part of the job for Harvey. That level of public service is something she strives to practice every day.

“It’s basically just meeting people where they are,” she said. “You can help somebody on the worst day of their life, and you don’t even know it. It doesn’t matter to me whether or not I receive recognition for anything I do. I’m going to continue doing the best that I can every day.”


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