Rocky and Harrison's Help Outfit Durbin Creek Fire Department

When the Durbin Creek Fire Department decided on new boots, they knew exactly what they wanted.

They just couldn't find them.

The department reached out to us in hopes of finding the Rocky Code Red Structure boot. There was just one problem. We didn't have them in stock.

That really wasn't much of a problem at all.

Through the efforts of our Mauldin store's assistant manager Elizabeth Callaham and general manager Bonnie Blackwell, Rocky came to the rescue.

Elizabeth reached out to Andy Dickinson, our Rocky rep, and he was able to make the boots available for the department to purchase.

“I had to reach out to Andy, and he was super helpful," she said. "He was on the ball and told me he could get the boots here in a week. He ordered a shipment and sent them. He was willing to help, came out to the fire department, and we all learned about the boot."

The boot itself is something else. 

“This is our bunker boot, built for structure fires," Andy said. "It's got a fire resistant bottom, a cold resistant bottom, has a puncture resistant plate, it's blood pathogen resistant, it's waterproof, obviously, and it has some reflective features. It's a great overall boot."

And, like all our other boots, they were offered to the department at the guaranteed lowest price.

Bonnie said the entire effort was beneficial to everyone involved.

“He was able to work with us to get them this product that they really needed in order to do their job without much cost on our part," she said. "It's a win/win for us and the department. They loved the boot, they bought it, and now we can show it to other departments to see if they need it as well, so it actually worked out really well.”

Andy said he was glad to help facilitate the purchase, even though the boots weren't in stock at Harrison's.

"I appreciate being invited down here," he said. "I appreciate Harrison’s asking me to attend tonight, and I look forward to showing this boot to more of your customers."



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