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Jason Thompson is a busy man.

As the Director of Industrial Sales at Harrison's, Jason oversees any number of things on a given day, from receiving freight to supervising and training account executives to making calls to industrial accounts and finding out ways to better serve them.

He never wants to get TOO busy, though. He wants to make sure he always has time to do one of the things he's best at, something that he did when he started, and something that he still does today.

Jason truly enjoys walking through our stores and helping customers find just the right pair of boots.

Why is it so important to him?

"I never ever want to lose that rhythm," he said. "I always want to be able to come out here and sell a pair of shoes. The thing is, you don't want to disconnect from the sales floor, because this is where the magic really happens."

That "magic" means a lot of things to a lot of us. For Jason, it means sending a customer away happy - and often sending them away with the intention of telling their bosses and co-workers what a great experience they had.

"A lot of our accounts I got working in the Mauldin store years ago, and they walked in," he explained. "It was all because we do some of the extra things that we talk about."

Those "extras" are something we practice every day. Some of them were once commonplace. Some of them are things we focus on. Most of them are things you just won't get anywhere else.

"Measuring people's feet," Jason said, is one example. "People enjoy it, and you can't go many places to get people to measure your feet. A lot of competitors won't do it. They love the courtesy. They love the boot hooks. They love the jacks. We might only have 50 percent of people buy those things, but they enjoy the experience. It makes trying things on so much easier."

The sales floor also offers something vitally important for an account manager: information.

"The feedback comes from out here," Jason said. "If you're talking to your contact at an account, sometimes they have no clue as to what employees like or dislike. If you're connected out here, and somebody comes in and tells you that we don't carry what they like, we don't have something in the selection they like, that's when we can start the discussion with those accounts about changing things up and freshening up some stuff."

 If you're interested in learning more about establishing an account with us, reach out to your nearest store manager or email support@harrisonsworkwear.com


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