Work Where: Digging Ditches and Turning Wrenches with Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace’s day-to-day job at Freeman Gas isn’t often the same.

Wallace, who serves as Sales/Service Manager at the Freeman Gas Greenville office, said there’s a lot more to the job than what’s apparent at first glance.

“There are a lot of different applications to propane,” he said. “We have commercial customers, residential customers, even a few agricultural customers. The day-to-day of it is if somebody calls for gas we schedule that. We schedule deliveries, we schedule tank sets, we service appliances, and we do a lot of different things like that.”

The variety of things he regularly does is something that appeals to Wallace.

“I do like to do a little bit of everything,” he said. “I come from mostly a service background, so doing that kind of stuff is pretty natural. Things like working on a set of logs, doing an install, doing a cleaning, those are things that I’ve done for many years. I enjoy doing those things, and they’re more of a hands-on process as well. That’s more enjoyable to me than only being in an office.”

One of the things Wallace enjoys about his time in the office, though, is helping customers find exactly what they’re looking for, whether it’s an appliance or something more decorative. Gas logs, especially, provide so many options for customers that Wallace is happy to guide them through the selection process.

“There are so many different types of looks that there’s basically a set of logs for everybody,” he said. “Even with some of the more popular logs we sell, there are common burners but different looks and styles to go with them. We’re able to help people customize things and to pick something out that’s right for them. It’s enjoyable to see them find what they want.”

Work where

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