Salty Britches Skin Barrier Ointment

Size: 2oz.
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The Skin Barrier That Will Last Longer Than You!

Salty Britches is a soothing long-lasting barrier against skin irritation for any occasion. Created to withstand salt water chafing and now trusted by families, athletes and military personnel for year-round all-day protection.

New Military "Blacked Out" Edition Package of Salty Britches Skin Barrier Ointment.  Prevents or soothes chafing and blisters during ruck, amphibious operations and all other imagined misery.  ** Black tube fragrance is berry oil. THE BLUE AND BLACK TUBES ARE THE SAME FORMULA, JUST A DIFFERENT FRAGRANCE. 


  • SKIN RELIEF WORTHY OF THE SPECIAL FORCES: Our military formula was created at the request of the special forces to prevent and soothe skin irritation that comes from rucking, training, amphibious operations, and more.  We’re proud to serve those in uniform.

  • LONG-LASTING PROTECTION: The ointment binds to your skin to create a robust, long-lasting skin barrier without melting off, or creating a sticky, oily residue. One application lasts  all day even in water. With Salty Britches, you’re protected so you can serve longer — without distraction from skin irritation, rash/blister-free.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Share with buddies in need without the gross factor! Just squeeze from the hygienic tube. To use, apply liberally to intact skin before activity for best results. It’s perfect for high-risk areas like feet, thighs, and underarms, plus anywhere dry chapped skin, chafing, or blisters occur.
  • RESISTS EVEN THE EXTREME ELEMENTS: Salty Britches is formulated to effectively withstand salt water chafing and extreme conditions like heat, humidity, rain, mud, and wind all day, without residue.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Get a skin barrier that’s free from preservatives and parabens. We love nature, so we do not test on animals and design products with no reef-harming ingredients. Our tubes are Post Consumer Resin for a lighter carbon footprint. Made in the USA.
  • Proud Sponsor of Marine Recon Challenge and Best Ranger Competition

The tubes are made from 50% PCR Material – PCR stands for Post Consumer Resin, a recycled plastic. PCR plastics are the recycled materials from existing PET bottles and other plastics.  The PCR is sourced from single use packaging, and in particular milk packs that have entered into the recycling channel. Using PCR is beneficial for carbon footprint reduction, lighter weights and savings in energy and material consumption, benefiting the planet.

Salty Britches Skin Barrier Ointment is now Dermatologist Tested and noncomedogenic. 

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