8 Days To Daytona: Get To Know Harrison's USA/JRM Driver Josh Berry

Name: Josh Berry

Position On Team: Driver

Hometown: Hendersonville, Tennessee

How long have you been racing?

“I started when I was eight years old in go-karts in the Middle Tennessee area. I moved to quarter-miles at the Nashville Fairgrounds in several different cars.

Do you remember your first win?

“I wish I could remember more of it. That first year we won a lot, and I kind of took to it pretty easy. The next year I had to move up a class and kind of got humbled a little bit. I remember we had a lot of fun. It was all asphalt ovals, and that’s what I’ve primarily raced my whole life.

If you had your choice of any track, oval or road course, asphalt or dirt, what would it be?

“Just to compete, I just love the short tracks. I love the finesse and things that it takes. That’s what I’ve spent my whole life racing on. As I experience more things, I might find something I enjoy more, but the short tracks have just been so fun. Beating and banging and leaning on each other – I just think it’s the best racing.”

Is there a track you’d like to get a win at more than any other?

“I think Daytona is up there. When you think of NASCAR, you think of Daytona. It’s just so special to the sport. I think when I look at it, that’s probably the top of the list. And then you want to win that last one of the year, for sure.”

Favorite movie?

I don’t really watch a lot of movies. As a kid, I loved Toy Story, and now my little girl has kind of taken to it, too, so that’s really fun.

Favorite musical artist?

“Not really, I kind of listen to everything. But I do have a funny story there. I went to high school with Taylor Swift. It was right before she made it, so it was cool. I remember her performing in our talent show, and then she made it and we never saw her again. I remember leaving and thinking “hey, that girl’s pretty good,” and a year later she’s a millionaire.”

What’s your favorite thing you’ve bought from Harrison’s?

“There’s so much. I think the Carhartt jackets and pants are what I like the best. It’s all really nice, and there’s a lot to choose from.”