8 Days to Daytona: Get To Know The Harrison's USA/JRM No. 8 Team

Name: Will Hartings

Position on Team: Undercar Mechanic

Hometown: Salina, Ohio.

What does the Undercar Mechanic do?

"Everything from the firewall back."

Does opening at Daytona present a different challenge?

"Superspeedways are completely different from everything else. There's a whole different set of rules. You have to go into it with the mindset of it's just one weekend. After that, you get back into the regular scheme of things and regular flow."

If you had your choice of any track, oval or road course, asphalt or dirt, what would it be?

“I’d say mile and a half. With those being the tracks we have the most of, it shows who’s good and who’s been doing their homework. If you can excel there, you can kind of puff your chest out. Usually if you're good there, you're good everywhere."

How long have you been around racing?

I've been down here since 2015. Before that I was doing boat racing, hydroplanes. I did that since I was about eight. We did a small little circuit in Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky, more of a hobby than anything. In my last year of college I got hooked on and got to be a track official at Eldora Speedway. A year after I graduated I got a phone call from Penske and came down here."

Favorite music in the garage?

“It’s just a feeling when you wake up in the morning. Could be AC-DC, could be Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.”

Favorite Movie?

“I’d say it’s a three-way tie. Days of Thunder, because you’ve got to have that one. Remember the Titans is a good one. And then Grumpy Old Men. A lot of people don’t know that one, but it’s great.”


“During the offseason, there’s a winter trail for bass tournaments. And we have 32 acres of land in Michigan, and we go up there duck hunting.”

Have you shopped at Harrison’s?

“Not yet, but I need to make a trip. I’ve heard nothing but great things.”