It's All About How You Treat Folks...

Sometimes, you check in freight.

There's plenty to do in the web/social media world, but some days there are a couple hundred boxes in the receiving area and more coming every day, so you grab a computer and get to work.

I'm glad I did on Tuesday, because I got to meet Dana Crocker.

I'm not much help working the floor, but I do know where most things are in both South Carolina stores, and I'll strike up a conversation with just about anybody.

As I was making a call to Spartanburg to find out if we could check in Hey Dudes and sell them nearly simultaneously (turns out we can), Dana asked me if there was anything special about the boxes we were opening.

"No ma'am, just haven't checked them in yet."

So, as I sorted through a box looking for a specific pair and showing her some new styles, she told me a little bit about what brought her to the store. She needed new boots for work, something of a regular occurrence for her. She drove to Mauldin from Hartwell, Ga., a trip of around 120 miles, round-trip, to shop. Her route took her past any number of stores with similar products and brought her to our door. I had to know why.

"I've been shopping here at least 15 years," she said. "Y'all have a bigger selection than anybody. But it's more than that. I've been in here for a little bit today, and y'all are nice and approachable and helpful."

We knew about the selection part already. And we pride ourselves on that last part, particularly being approachable and helpful. It sure is nice to hear that we're doing well.

Dana, thanks for shopping with us. Enjoy those boots. And the Hey Dudes look awesome!

Hope we'll see you again soon.