We've got just what you need - even for your wedding

We say all the time that we've got everything you need to look your best, and every day, we try to prove it.

Boots. Coats. Jeans. Hoodies. Clothes for your wedding.


Yep. Clothes for your wedding. Just ask Ashley Strickland. She was in our Mauldin store last week to look for wedding shirts for her husband-to-be's groomsmen.

"Y'all have the biggest variety of Ariat shirts that I've found anywhere," she said. "We've been all over Anderson, Greenville, Easley...those stores have lots of different options, but these are the best, and there's more Ariat, which is what we love."

Strickland said there are several reasons she and her fiance are partial to Ariat.

"First, it fits great," she said. "He loves it. But it also fits all the other groomsmen, too. They just have a great fit, and they're comfortable. They're just about the only button-down shirts he'll wear."

The company's Western tradition appeals to the couple, too.

"We were both raised up riding horses and in agriculture," she said. "We both went to Woodmont and did FFA there, and we've just been on the Western side of things."

They've also developed a love for Harrison's.

"This is the only place we buy his jeans, actually," she said. 

The couple are planning to marry on March 19. We're delighted to be a small part of the ceremony.