Handy Tips: How Should Cowboy Boots Fit?

Listen, we see you. And we get it.

Maybe you've seen some PBR events. Maybe you want to hit one of the local nightspots and look the part. Maybe you're behind the trend and you're finally watching Yellowstone for the first time.

In any event, you're looking for your first pair of cowboy boots. And sometimes, you know nothing about how they should fit. 
Take it easy, Rip. There are a few things you've got to know to help us help you before you start booking tours to the Train Station.
First, according to our Mauldin footwear specialist Ricky Watson, is what kind of toe you're looking for.
"Do you want round toe, roper toe, or square toe?", Ricky said. "The square toe is going to give you a little more room. As far as round toe or roper toe, I think it's just more of a preference."
The next thing you need to consider is fit, Ricky said. And no, boots don't fit like anything else that you wear.
"When you first try them on, you want a little bit of snugness," he said. "You don't want it loose, because it's going to stretch. You want a little bit of snugness across the top of your foot. And you can expect a little bit of slip. People say between a quarter and a half inch, but I think a half inch is a little bit too much."
Snugness and slip run exactly the opposite to what you expect when you're shopping for shoes, right? But, when you're dealing with boots, a little knowledge and a little patience will produce an ideal fit that will help your investment last for years.
"You don't want uncomfortable," Ricky said. "Just a little snug, with a little bit of slip. That slip will go away once you break it in, and it's going to stretch to your foot." Ricky also recommends one try-on tip that a lot of people don't think of - socks that you'll use for everyday wear with the boots you decide to purchase.
"Trying them on with what you're going to be wearing with them will help a whole lot," he said.
With that in mind, what's Ricky's favorite boot in the store?
"I do like the square toes," he said. "They give me a little more room, and I think they're a little more comfortable. And I like the walking heel as opposed to the traditional cowboy cut heel." The Ariat VentTEK Ultra Western Boot fits the bill.

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