"Help Somebody If You Can"

Since today is National I Love Horses Day, let me tell y'all a story.

Our Mauldin store is full of folks who absolutely love horses, and probably none love them more than Janette and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has had a challenge recently. Her horse, Hickory, sustained a fairly significant injury and has been under the care of a vet.

"He was pawing at our fence and got his foot stuck in there and got a pretty deep cut," she said. "He had to be taken up to Tryon, and the cut was a lot deeper than what they thought it was originally. He had to be treated up there for a few days, and then they wanted him on stall rest."

That presented a problem. Elizabeth doesn't have a stall.

Janette has three horses, and a four-stall barn. That math adds up pretty simply.

"She told me what was going on, and I just told her she could use it," she said. "Clean the stall, feed the horse, just take care of him. It worked out good. She brought hay and grain and I helped a little bit."

"She helped a LOT," Elizabeth said. "It's awesome. She's been a lifesaver. It's been amazing, and she's only about 10 minutes down the road from me, so it's been easy going in and out to work to stop by there. It's been a miracle. She's been awesome."

Janette doesn't necessarily see it as something awesome. It's just something she said she wanted to do. It's something she'd like to see us all do.

"It's just helping somebody," she said. "It's paying it forward. You run into people all the time who just need a little help. Instead of driving that last nail in the coffin, pick them up and help them."

One of our core values, our first one, actually, is "treat others like family."

These two get it.



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