Janette: The Carhartt Lady

Sometimes, the only constant in the fast-moving world of running a retail business is change.

On the other hand, there's our very own Janette Jacks.

Janette's been a constant in our Mauldin store for 15 years. She started in July 2008, just after working at Arby's. She took a little time between those two jobs to make the adjustments.

One entire day.

"I closed up there on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving," she explained. "I counted the money, dropped it in the safe, locked the door, and left my key in the night drop. Then I had Thanksgiving off, and started here on Black Friday."

She's become a valuable source of product knowledge and information over the years, particularly on Carhartt and Wrangler. She's a walking encyclopedia. We know it, and our customers know it. It's even evident when she's not in the store.

"I can go grocery shopping or be in a store somewhere, and somebody will say 'Hey, there's the Carhartt Lady!'," she said with a laugh.

"The Carhartt Lady" also loves her own farm, and her own animals, and she spends almost as much time shopping for things to make them comfortable and well taken care of as she does helping our customers. She's an expert there, too.

"I can walk in down at Tractor Supply to buy something, and people ask me where something is, and I just help them down there, too," she said.

She just can't help helping others. And we're awfully lucky to have her.


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