Work Where: Chillin' with Matt Sweyer

What’s a normal day look like at the Kanga Coolers headquarters in Greenville?

Well, when you’re a lifestyle company that’s brought a revolutionary idea to the marketplace; when you’re old college buddies who turned a class project into a beverage solution empire; when you’re working with your friends in an industrial park in an office that features an indoor pickleball court, there’s really no such thing as a “normal” day.

Just ask Wholesale Manager Matt Sweyer.

“It’s hard to explain a day around here,” he said. “You can walk into the office and there will be people yelling, people celebrating, people hanging out and opening a beer or whatever it might be. At the end of the day, though, we have an incredibly hard-working team. We love to work hard, and we really love to play hard.”

The familiarity among the gang at Kanga goes back to their college years, and that bond is a strong one.

“I think the majority of the team have known each other for four, five, six years now,” Sweyer said. “We all know how the others operate. We know how to work together, and we know how to get stuff done. I think we’ve made a huge jump both personally and professionally throughout everyone working here, and I think it’s just been exciting to see how everyone has kind of matured.”

The growth is especially evident in the physical building the business occupies.

“At one point, our office was in Logan’s (founder Logan LaMance) mom’s basement,” Sweyer said. “And then it turned into ‘ok, we have a warehouse in Anderson with no heat, no AC, no running water’. And now we get to be in Greenville in a nice office that can accommodate everything we need.”

Those accommodations include production, warehousing, design, marketing, and that pickleball court, where things can get REALLY competitive. And, with a front office overflowing with newly licensed products and new concepts, they might need even more sometime soon.

“We’re only getting bigger,” Sweyer said. “We’re really lucky to be in the position that we’re in, and we’re fortunate to be able to come into work every day with people we love working with.”



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