8 Days To Daytona: Get To Know The Harrison's/JRM No. 8 Team

Name: Jonathan Davis

Position on Team: Car Chief

Hometown: Mooresville

What does a Car Chief do?

"My job is mainly to set up the racecar with Mike Bumgarner, our Crew Chief, and with Kevin and Eric, our two engineers. They'll give me the set-up sheet and our mechanics will build the cars. I kind of work with the guys as far as scheduling where things are going and who's getting what done. Then they'll bring the car to me and I'll set it up on our surface plate and help the engineers pull our cars down."

If you had your choice of any track, oval or road course, asphalt or dirt, what would it be?

“I like the smaller ovals, not the mile-and-a-half cookie cutters, but not a short track. Something where there is some speed like a Nashville, Dover, Iowa was a good one. Bigger short tracks, I guess you’d call them.


“I’ve gotten to love dirt track racing here recently. I have a friend I help out on weekends we don’t race, and I go to USAC Midget races and we have a blast.”

Is there a track you’d like to get a win at more than any other?

“Indy, because of the fame of Indy. I’m looking forward to many of them with Josh. It was great for our group to win with Josh last year at Las Vegas, and I think I speak for everybody that we’re very excited to having him in our car this year.”

Favorite musical artist?

“I can go any genre. I like country, rap, hip-hop. But I tend to stray more toward old-school country, but I like some of the newer guys like Chris Stapleton, and a guy I met through iRacing named Drew Parker.”

Favorite movie?

“Christmas Vacation. It’s an American standard.”

What’s the last thing you bought at Harrison’s? 

“I got some Hey Dudes. They’re amazingly comfortable.”