8 Days to Daytona: Get To Know The Harrison's USA/JRM No. 8 Team

Name: Kevin Walter

Position on Team: Lead Engineer

Hometown: Elba, New York

What are your responsibilities as Lead Engineer?

"I'm responsible for preparing the build sheets each week for the car, just getting the geometry right for the various data we receive. Race strategy, and just mainly getting the car how Bummy wants it."

If you had your choice of any track, oval or road course, asphalt or dirt, what would it be?

“Oval asphalt, every week. I came from short track racing in modifieds up in the Northeast. Every time I saw a mile and a half on TV, I thought it looked the same. Being in the sport, it’s crazy how different each one is. Each has its own challenges and characteristics. I do lean to short tracks because that’s where I grew up, but the mile and a half tracks are fun.”

Favorite musical artist?

“I like Cody Johnson”.

WHY does nobody want you to pick the music in the garage?"

I don't know. I don't venture too far, nothing off the wall or crazy. I'm pretty simple. It's mostly just 90's country."


“Last year we got some chickens. I went in Tractor Supply to get a fitting or something, and my daughter saw the chickens, and we had to get some of those. I didn’t really know anything about raising them, but I figured if I got a couple for her, I might as well get a couple I could eat, too. We started raising our own meat. A couple months ago we got a couple of pigs, too. We’ve got a little hobby farm.”

Favorite Movie?

“If I had to name one, Top Gun or Days of Thunder. Old-School Tom Cruise.”

Is there a track you’d like to get a win at more than any other?

“Nashville. Obviously Daytona. Hopefully Vegas again. I’ve got a lot of them. I want to win them all.”

Have you shopped at Harrison’s?

“Not yet, but I’ve been on the website. And I’m definitely going to the store. I’m in the market for some bibs. The pigs have ruined all my pants.”