8 Days to Daytona: Get To Know The Harrison's USA/JRM No. 8 Team

Name: Richie Snyder

Position on Team: Front Mechanic

Hometown: Thomasville

If you had your choice of any track, oval or road course, asphalt or dirt, what would it be?

“I like asphalt ovals the best. I kind of like both short tracks and mile and a half. I like Martinsville, places like Michigan, Atlanta, and California, too.”

As a mechanic, is there a certain amount of fun in figuring out the right set-up?

"Yeah, there is. It feels like you're a part of something. That's what I like about this team. We all talk about what we're going to do, bounce ideas off each other, and come to an agreement. There's nobody any more or less important than anybody else. We all try to utilize each other's abilities and I think that's why we have a good bond. We don't have any titles when we get to the track. We're there for one purpose."

Is there a track you’d like to get a win at more than any other? 

“The track I haven’t won at but have always wanted to is Texas. I think it would be a cool track to win at. They all mean a lot, but one that I haven’t won at would be really cool. Texas or Darlington.”


“Back when the pandemic hit when we were all at home, everybody got big into iRacing. I started my own small company building accessories for sim rigs, not only for iRacing but for farming and truck driving simulators. And I 3D print a lot of the stuff I make.”

Favorite Movie?

Christmas Vacation.

Have you shopped at Harrison’s?

“No, but I’ve really been wanting to go. I’ve looked online at some stuff, and I found out you sell Hey Dudes. We’re all talking about going over there and looking around.”