Harrison's Highlights: Carhartt Men's Vests

Sometimes, there’s something to be said for longevity.

The old guy on the jobsite who’s clearly been there forever (because his truck’s older than you are) who’s offering you advice? Take it.

The lady behind the counter at the diner who gently steers you toward something in particular? That’s what you’re having for lunch.

Legends are legends for a reason. And when you’re dealing with tough-as-nails, comfortable, warm, rugged workwear, Carhartt is legendary.

Take three perfect vests, for example. As the weather turns cooler, they’re perfect for a second layer on cool mornings or evenings. There’s the Carhartt staple classic canvas vest, with a sherpa lining, several colors, and two styles - collared or not - for anything fall weather throws your way.

There’s the new Rain Defender Relaxed Fit (formerly known the Gilliam vest), which is perfect for wet days and doubles as a windbreaker. There are plenty of pockets, it’s the perfect weight for a layer, and water will bead up and roll off.

And while legendary usually goes hand-in-hand with tradition, there’s always room for a new legend to make its mark. Enter the Montana. It includes the same Rain Defender technology as the Gilliam. It features a specifically-designed cellphone pocket, exterior zip pockets and an interior pocket large enough for concealed carry. It’s made for both men and women. It’s definitely not your grandpa’s Carhartt, but we bet Grandpa would love it.

Our Carhartt rep, Garrett Callahan, recently sat down with our vice president, Kevin Harrison, to tell us all about these three awesome products. We hope you’ll watch their review, and we hope you’ll come visit and find something to wow you.

Harrison's highlights

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